Maria Fernandez

Maria Fernandez

Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer, Latin Iberia at Sony Music Entertainment

Short Biography

Maria Fernandez, as the Executive Vice President and COO of Latin Iberia at Sony Music Entertainment, oversees operations, negotiates major deals, and leads mergers and acquisitions. Since joining Sony Music Entertainment in 2007, she has played a crucial role in forming partnerships with companies like EVENTIM and Walter Kolm Entertainment. Notably, she played a key role in the acquisition of Som Livre, Brazil's largest independent company, and is currently leading its integration process. Maria is also dedicated to mentoring colleagues and young individuals in the music industry.

Growing up in Venezuela, her passion for music led her to start her career at Disney before moving to DirecTV Latin America. Alongside her corporate roles, she has been involved in entrepreneurial ventures and fundraising activities. Maria's career at Sony Music Entertainment has seen her rise from Sr. Director of Finance to Executive Vice President and COO, facilitating major deals and expanding the reach of label artists internationally.

She has also been active in industry panels and recognized in Billboard's Women in Music and Latin Power Players lists. Maria completed her MBA with a focus on Business Analytics and a Certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Additionally, she joined the board of Fender Musical Instruments Corp. in 2022. Throughout her career, Maria's primary objective remains serving artists, organization members, and partners, recognizing the importance of music in evoking emotions and sharing it with the world.

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