Ecosystems 2030

We are excited to announce the publication of our 2023 report,
‘Living Beyond Limits: The Age of Healthy Longevity’.

An elder man and a boy look up in a dramatic lighting and sparkles of light

This holistic report is the result of the collective wisdom of 100+ professionals with diverse backgrounds – including C-level executives and top decision-makers from some of the world’s most influential organisations. Together, they have meticulously explored the multifaceted implications of extended human lifespan, culminating in a unique study that summarises actionable insights for government, industry, and society.

Cover page of the metaverse report

This report examines the materialisation of the metaverse: its history and characteristics, supporting infrastructure, the attitudes surrounding it and potential influences on policymaking, its capacity to create value, and some of the main actors and successful projects already established in this space.

cover page of first ecosystems 2030 report

This report features an overview of recent developments in autonomous vehicles, urban air mobility, extended reality, hyperloop, and micromobility, combined with some of their associated challenges and opportunities. Smart-city developments are addressed, with a particular focus on Spain and Barcelona. Plus, finally, a compilation of crowdsourced ideas collected during the Ecosystems 2030 inaugural summit are introduced that centre on the enhancement of smart city liveability.

The Future