Adipat Virdi

Adipat Virdi

Global Immersive Specialist & Global Creative Product Lead - VR at Facebook (Meta) (Former)

Short Biography

Adipat studied Architecture and practiced Socio-Spatial Analysis before changing careers to build creative strategies, experience designs and innovation frameworks focused on immersive architecture for organisations around the world (most recently in health, fashion, retail and automotive).    

Having studied at both Oxford and Cambridge, he has qualifications that include an MBA and MA’s in Design Strategy and Innovation, Advanced Architectural Studies, and Screenwriting. Key areas of expertise are audience engagement strategy, organisational behaviour mechanics, strategic narrative thinking, experience design and measurement, socio-spatial analytics, metaverse strategy and design, and immersive storytelling to provide innovative and effective solutions to complex problems.    Adipat was the Creative Product Lead for VR (Global) at Facebook (Meta), tasked with exploring the creative potential of Immersive for commercial impact. Since then, Adipat is part of a team developing the first immersive global medical school and is building a joint venture to lead the charge on delivering cutting-edge creative and strategic solutions for the Metaverse.

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