Zlatko Lagumdzija

Zlatko Lagumdzija

Prime Minister of Bosnia & Herzegovina (former)

Short Biography

Over 30 years of top academic and political experience including senior level functions in the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina as the Prime Minister and Acting Prime Minister, two times as Deputy Prime Minister and two times as Minister of Foreign Affairs, six times elected Member of the Parliament and leader of the largest multi-ethnic political party in the country in various periods between 1992 and 2015.    

Strong exposure to national and international development, including institutions building, economies in transition and competitiveness, strategic use of information technologies, inclusive and sustainable development, promoting diversity, shared societies, participation and dialogue, consensus building, leadership during country’s recent turbulent history in ending the conflict, peace-building and recovery.    

Member of Club de Madrid-The World Leadership Alliance and World Academy of Arts and Sciences. Founder of Shared Societies and Values Sarajevo Foundation. Professor at School of Business and Economics and School of Electrical Engineering, Sarajevo University since 1989. with PhD in Computer Science. Fulbright Scholar in the USA as postdoctoral researcher and professor. Visiting and distinguished professor of different universities in Europe, Asia and America among which are Distinguished Professor at Swartzman College, Tsinghua University as well as BRI School and EMI of Beijing Normal University. Member of the Board of Trustees of Nizami International Center, member of Board of Boston Global Forum-Artificial Intelligence World Society (AIWS) and Co-Author of Social Contract for Age of Artificial Intelligence, member of Board of Trustees Bibliotheca Alexandrina and member of numerous International Missions and Commissions in different parts of the World.

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