Steve Rader

Steve Rader

Global Expert on the Future of Work

Short Biography

Steve started Crowd Resources Consulting LLC in 2019 to provide non-NASA-related organizations with resources for leveraging the crowd-based expertise and solutions required to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving global economy.    

Steve also currently serves as the Deputy Manager of NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI), which is working to infuse challenge and crowdsourcing innovation approaches at NASA and across the federal government. CoECI focuses on the study and use of curated, crowdsourcing communities that utilize prize and challenge-based methods to deliver innovative solutions for NASA and the US government.    

Steve holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from Rice University and has worked at NASA’s Johnson Space Center for 31 years.    

Prior to joining CoECI, Steve worked in mission control, flight software development for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station, command and control systems development for the X-38, and led the Command, Control, Communications, & Information (C3I) architecture definition for the Constellation Program.

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