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Ever wondered how to solve problems like a world-changing innovator?

Join design thinking legend Michael Lewrick for a power-packed 90-minute workshop at Ecosystems 2030 and dive into the world of Design Thinking!

In this hands-on masterclass, you'll learn the secrets behind the mindset used by Apple, Airbnb, Google, Tencent and countless other successful organizations. Through interactive exercises and Michael Lerwick's renowned expertise, you'll gain the tools to:
 • Approach challenges with fresh perspectives
• Develop creative solutions that make a real impact
• Turn ideas into prototypes – fast!

But that's not all!
Every participant will walk away with a coveted "Design Thinking Compact" international certification from Lewrick & Company. This valuable credential validates your design thinking skills and sets you apart in today's competitive landscape.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from a design master and earn a recognized certification! Seats are limited, so register now for the session on Saturday 29 June 2024.
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About Michael Lewrick

Michael Lewrick, PhD | MBA, has worked very intensively in recent years on the mindset that enables us to solve different types of problems.

Michael is a best-selling author, award winning design thinking and business ecosystem design thought leader, business entrepreneur and visiting Professor at various universities globally.

His ideas, books, and company, Lewrick & Company, help mobilize people around the world to better lead innovation, digital transformation, and business growth in an era of increasingly rapid change.

He is the author of the international bestseller “Design Thinking for Business Growth”, “Design Thinking and Innovation Metrics”, "The Design Thinking Toolbox" and "The Design Thinking Playbook", in which he describes the mindful transformation of people, teams, ecosystems and organizations.
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