Pinar Emirdag

Pinar Emirdag

Global Head of Digital Client Services at JP Morgan

Short Biography

Pinar Emirdag is Global Head of Digital Client Services at JP Morgan, overseeing the development of digital products and solutions as part of JP Morgan’s plans to overhaul operational experiences for clients. Prior to this, Pinar was head of digital product development and innovation at State Street, enabling the next generation in financial services; working on brand new products and services.    

Pinar has worked on a number of industry changing initiatives, building new marketplaces and capital markets offerings throughout her career at London Stock Exchange, ICAP, Liquidnet, Citigroup and Lava Trading which was a successful financial technology firm which was acquired by Citigroup. In the recent years, she has been working on emerging business models and technologies such as peer to peer financial services. She has worked on entrepreneurial initiatives as an executive, founder, advisor and board member. These include Clearmatics, R3, Hyperledger, Quantave, UK Digital Currency Association, Complymatic, Mathmoneyfx (now Symbiont) and Senahill Partners. Pinar started her business career at Oliver Wyman.    

Pinar holds Ph.D and M.Sc. degrees in Physics and a M. Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Brown University. Pinar’s research field was development of new numerical techniques in theoretical particle physics. She continues to have academic collaborations and regularly presents at events, conferences, workshops on regulation, technologies and market structures.

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