Kate McCourt

Kate McCourt

Global VP CIS Development and Change Management at DHL Express

Short Biography

Kate is the Global Vice President of CIS Development and Change Management at DHL Express. She is a passionate believer in culture to drive engagement because motivated people deliver great results. Kate is an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, dedicated to making leadership development and learning key enablers for performance and well-being at work.

Kate has a proven track record of implementing purpose-driven and high-impact global programs and believes personal development, growth, and fun are at the core of the Employee Value Proposition and a winning organizational mindset. She believes:

  • A respect and results culture drives performance
  • People and Organizational priorities determine capability development (not hierarchy)
  • Great leaders are great Facilitators
  • Systems and data need a human-centric approach for customers and colleagues
  • Technology necessitates ‘can-do’ - trial and error help us get better
  • The future of leadership starts now

Kate thrives by working with and supporting individuals and teams. Her strengths are connecting the dots, developing others, fostering virtual and multicultural teamwork, engaging stakeholders and her sense of humor. She excels as a sparring partner, advisor and program designer, capability developer and as a facilitator, moderator and coach.

Previously Kate held corporate roles, including Global Head of Learning, Leadership Development & Coaching, Head of Engineering Competence Development & Engineering Executive Pool Management, and worked in Executive Education at ESMT, Berlin. She is also a co-designer and founding co-convener of the renowned ESMT Coaching Colloquium.

Fluent in English and German, Kate lives in Berlin and likes to move: Walking, spinning, hiking, traveling and connecting energize her.

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