Frank Stephenson

Frank Stephenson

Creative Director at Frank Stephenson Design

Short Biography

Automotive insiders regularly refer to Frank Stephenson as “one of most influential automotive designers of our time” and “he has designed some of the most iconic cars of the 21st century” – Autoblog & Motor Trend.    

Frank’s career spans being a design leader at several of Europe’s best known automotive companies, where he has penned and overseen cars such as the Ford RS Cosworth, BMW X5, new MINI, Ferrari F430, Maserati MC12, new Fiat 500 and all the new range of supercars from McLaren.    

Frank now leads the creative direction at his own design studio, Frank Stephenson Design, which was founded in 2018. Frank is excited to shape the future of mobility by leading the design of pioneering new industries such as eVTOL aircraft, and to positively impact society by designing cross industry products such as child safety seats, innovative beauty products and watches.

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