Inés Rey García

Inés Rey García

Mayor of A Coruña

Short Biography

Inés Rey, a lawyer by profession, was elected in 2019 the first female mayor of democracy in the city of A Coruña. She has been a member of the PSdG-PSOE since she came of age and has recently been elected a member of the PSOE Federal Committee. She is the General Secretary of the Agrupación Socialista Coruñesa. Inés Rey has been recognized by the OECD as one of the Champions of Mayors, a distinction that identifies the leaders of European cities committed to inclusive growth in their territories. Among the axes of the mandate of Inés Rey are:

  • The recovery of quality urban spaces, through their humanization
  • The promotion of soft mobility, with the multiplication of spaces reserved for transit on foot and by bicycle, to the detriment of the private motor vehicle
  • The recovery of A Coruña's leadership in the cultural field, combined with the commitment to quality tourism, linked to the identity of the city as a city of music of all genres.
  • Leadership in the promotion of digitalization and technological development projects, such as the city of ICT, a pioneer in Galicia in the attraction of talent in emerging technologies.
  • Leadership in national and international forums of urban development, such as the network of Atlantic Cities, where the Mayor exercises the Vice Presidency.
  • The commitment to urban development based on innovation and research in the blue economy and sustainability at an environmental, social and economic level.

These urban development guidelines are being reflected in the Urban Agenda of A Coruña (AUAC2030). A Coruña has led Spanish cities in the initial phases of development of their urban agenda, which will also serve as an instrument of materialization at the local and metropolitan level of the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations.

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