Fernando Dominguez

Fernando Dominguez

VP Business Development at SandboxAQ

Short Biography

Equal part engineer and strategist, Fernando is a passionate and driven innovator with a relentless passion for projects that make the world a better place. This drive has powered Fernando through a career in technology, most recently leading the Business organization of SandboxAQ, a company using AI and Quantum technologies to solve challenging problems with positive impact.    

Fernando started his career as a professional rugby player in Europe where he played two World Cups with the Spanish Rugby National team. He then joined Google/Alphabet in 2012 to help scale its services and products across Latin America before joining its secret innovation lab in Silicon Valley, X(formerly Google X), where he spent 6 years building new companies for Alphabet.    

Fernando’s education and career spans 3 continents and a variety of industries, including energy, aerospace, transportation, robotics and AQ (AI + Quantum), in both the private and public sectors. He is an experienced business professional that understands how to create empathy with partners, lead teams and propel projects from concept to launch in the most challenging environments. His multilingual education (speaking 5 languages) and international experience allows him to adapt quickly to diverse business situations and find creative solutions to complex problems. Fernando is energetic and has learned to bring the values of rugby and high level athletics to his professional career.

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