Abeer Al Hammadi

Abeer Al Hammadi

Global Director of Innovation at Qatar Foundation

Short Biography

Joining QF in 2008 and an IDKT founder, Abeer was appointed the first Manager of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer in 2011. Much of her current efforts in IDKT are working as a conduit between QF RDI players and local stakeholders, directing research and innovation results to further enhance and accelerate Qatar’s economic development.    

Experience: Managed a 150+ multi-sector early-stage technology portfolio for over eight years Established and directs Al-Khabeer—Qatar’s only IP outreach program for local subject matter experts Represents QF for IP and innovation in local and international settings Recognized Arabic IP and innovation spokesperson at local and regional events and platforms.    

Education and Certifications: Executive Master’s in business administration from HEC Paris in Qatar; Bachelor’s in biotechnology from Cardiff University; Qatar Science Leadership Program (QSLP) graduate.

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