Moira Gilchrist

Moira Gilchrist

Chief Communications Officer at Philip Morris International

Short Biography

Dr. Gilchrist was appointed Chief Communications Officer in January 2024. She was previously Vice President, Strategic and Scientific Communications, a role she assumed in 2018.

From bringing to life PMI’s fast-paced progress as it evolves into a smoke-free business and expands to areas outside the tobacco and nicotine space to translating the science behind PMI’s smoke-free alternatives into information that policymakers and the public can easily understand, Moira and her team are at the heart of the company’s historic evolution.

She regularly engages with public health authorities, media, and decision-makers around the world, demonstrating the benefits of scientifically substantiated, smoke-free products for those adults who would otherwise continue smoking and calling for risk-proportionate regulation that affords these people accurate information about and access to these better alternatives. In short, she plays a vital role in PMI’s transition away from cigarettes and its journey toward a better, smoke-free future.

Prior to her current role, Moira held several positions within PMI, including leading the Reduced-Risk Products Corporate Affairs team, serving as Director of Scientific Engagement within the R&D function, and working in both product development and commercialization.

Before joining PMI in 2006, Moira worked in the pharmaceutical sector for more than a decade. She was a principal consultant within PwC’s and IBM’s pharmaceutical industry consulting groups and held positions within both industry and nonprofit organizations as a developer of drug formulations.

Moira holds a degree in Pharmacy and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, both from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.

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