Jordi Ferrer

Jordi Ferrer

Vice President and Managing Director at ServiceNow

Short Biography

As the head of ServiceNow’s UK & Ireland business, I have a clear vision: to enable organisations with technology that will make an incredibly positive impact - on their business, their employees and their customers.    

Through 15 years in senior roles at large tech brands, I’ve worked in some of the most complex and challenging business environments, using my leadership skills and technology understanding alongside the art of negotiation to drive lasting, technology-driven transformation in businesses across a wide range of sectors, particularly telecoms, industry and financial services.    

I’m a firm believer that honesty and transparency build trust and foster long-term relationships. That’s why I take a people-centric approach to business, aligning diverse teams behind a joint vision to solve problems. It is paramount to work closely with customers to understand their challenges and objectives to achieve mutual success.    Outside of the office, you’ll find me spending time with my family and friends, reading as well as volunteering and supporting charities, as I’m passionate about giving back to society and helping those who are less fortunate.

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